A Wall Street thriller by Ted Scofield ’86

A Wall Street thriller by Ted Scofield ’86

How far would you go for wealth and power? This is the question that haunts Evan Stoess, the main character of Eat What You Kill (St. Martin’s Press), the debut novel by Ted Scofield ’86. A thriller set in the high-stakes world of Wall Street, Eat What You Kill follows the rise and fall of a smart young Wall Street analyst who becomes an overnight sensation only to lose it all. When he gets a second chance at fortune and fame, he finds himself at a moral crossroads and must ask himself how far he’s willing to go.

Eat What You Kill is a high octane thriller that’s been described as American Psycho meets Wall Street, so it makes sense that veteran producer Edward R. Pressman, whose credits include both those films, has optioned the film rights. “It’s always exciting to work with first-time novelists like Ted Scofield, who did a fantastic job crafting this unique story, and I’m thrilled to bring it to the screen,” Pressman said.

Ted is a securities attorney and General Counsel of Icebreaker Entertainment. He’s working on the sequel to Eat What You Kill.



  1. Liza Smith

    Fantastic page-turner novel and I can’t wait for the movie! So cool that it’s written by a KCD alum!

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